Age is just a number. Not since Nixon, have we elected a president with President Biden's experience, and it shows. We have had a B-actor, a peanut farmer & military officer (nice guy, but), a lying once VP, and the privilege son of the VP who turned out to be an unindicted war criminal and then there was Obama who thankfully had Biden as his VP. Only one of these folks had any real experience except the lying VP who should have been prosecuted along with his president for Iran/Contra. It is time we wake up. I have watch presidents of this country since FDR; we can and have done better in electing the right people with the experience needed and Biden proves it. I am thankful every day for President Biden and his experience and wisdom. I hope we Americans have the foresight to give him another four years.

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“Age is just a number.”

Well, 90 is a number, so too is 100 so does that mean he’d be okay to run at any of these age. You’re as old as you act!

If I understand your comments you are hoping for an 82,83,84 yr old Joe Biden president?

My message to Mr. Biden,

LGBTQ rights do not matter if there is nuclear war!

Green Energy does not matter if there is a nuclear war.

NATO expansion does matter. It will cause a nuclear war.

NATO is seen as an existential threat to many countries of the world and its continued expansion only threatens world peace and create or exacerbate global tensions.

BUT … No one wants to talk about Nuclear War. I mean.. It just won’t happen right?

We CAN’T risk nuclear war by putting NATO wherever the US wants.

I mean it didn’t go so well in early 1960’s when the US placed nukes in Turkey along the USSR border… it caused the Bay of Pigs. Lest we forget.

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Your article brilliantly captures President Biden's leadership and the positive outcomes of the G-7 summit. However, it could benefit from addressing the need for enhanced sanctions enforcement, such as strengthening multilateral coordination, leveraging advanced technologies, and engaging with non-aligned countries to close loopholes and ensure comprehensive pressure on Russia and its enablers.

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Previous articles have addressed the sanctions issues you mentioned. If you click on the title of this Substack at the top of this page, it will lead you to all of the earlier articles.

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Prof McFaul:

What, if any, is the basis in facts and logic for your conclusion in regard to Biden's performance?

Terry Oldberg

Engineer/Scientist/Public Policy Researcher

Los Altos Hills, CA


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Boy, where do I begin.

Perhaps I’ll keep it to the most obvious. He’s an old man stuck and living in the Cold War mentality of the 60’s and 70’s completely bought and paid for by the military industrial complex who have seen their sales and profits skyrocket from 50 plus billion/yr to 150 plus billion/yr by supplying Israel and Ukraine.

He is seen by the vast majority of the non-western world as an old man whose first allegiance is to that of his heavily influenced Super-pac to which he procured a Department of Defense agency review team consisting of the following individuals:

Kathleen Hicks (a former defense official under President Obama), Melissa Dalton and Andrew Hunter were part of a CSIS is a hawkish and influential foreign policy think tank that receives funding from General Dynamics Corporation, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation and other weapons manufacturers and defense contractors, as well as oil companies.

-Ely Ratner and Susanna Blume — their most recent employer was CNAS which takes a significant chunk of its money from Northrop Grumman Corporation, as well as the U.S. State Department ($500,000 or more per year on both counts), and from Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and a host of corporations, including oil companies.

-Three people from the team — Stacie Pettyjohn, Terri Tanielian and Christine Wormuth (also a former defense official under Obama) — hail from the RAND Corporation, a hawkish think tank that receives significant funding from the U.S. Army and the Department of Homeland Security.

He talks peace while being complicit in sending more bombs to indiscriminately kill innocent women and children and the hypocritically condemns the Russians and the Palestinians for doing the same thing. He calls other leaders despots and terrorists if they are on the opposite side to the US’s interests and he does it blindly following those he has appointed to advise him on matters influenced by their own previous positions with organizations that manufacture and sell bombs.

He refuses to acknowledge the US role in the Ukraine coup of 2014, he refuses to acknowledge the war crimes committed by the AZOV (Nazi affiliated) battalion on the pro-Russian people of the Donbas for 10 years following the coup.. these atrocities are clearly outlined for all to see on the Amnesty international and Human Rights Watch website archives. He refuses to speak to any leaders the US may be at odds with and expects the rest of the world to bow to the US allowing it to station it’s military personnel/troops and weapons anywhere in the world consuming any other nation that does the same. Biden is hopefully, part of a dying breed of US elitists, too old to care about the future of our grandchildren and too easily influenced by those around him to see the continued hegemony of the US via NATO as it leads all of us straight toward to WWIII.

He continues to support the US’ justification for placing its weapons and troops anywhere in the world it chooses yet disallows any other nation to do the same, brandishing them as evil terrorists and war criminals.

I say enough to the hypocrisy of old man running a country which can see past the death and destruction they are causing, ignoring or simply don’t care about.

I am from Canada. I am not a Trump fan, as an American I would most likely have voted for Kennedy but at least Trump understands global affairs. He also appreciates and has legitimate concerns of a global nuclear war. He makes an effort to talk to leaders they don’t like but that’s called negotiating. You don’t need to negotiate with those who agree with you.

Finally.. the secretary of defense is a civilian position intended to be independent of the active-duty leadership, a secretary is required to have been retired from service for at least seven (originally ten) years unless a waiver is approved by Congress. Since the creation of the position in 1947, such a waiver has been approved ONLY three times, for Army general George Marshall in 1950, Marine Corps General Jim Mattis in 2017, and retired Army general Lloyd J. Austin III in 2021.

It’s clear the military and its industry are running things with Biden as president.

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I have not yet received a reply from Prof. McFaul in response to my question to him of "What, if any, is the basis in facts and logic for your conclusion in regard to Biden's performance?" Thus he has not yet revealed to the readers of his sustack whether there is a basis in facks and logic for this conclusion or not.

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Just seeing now. Looks like I need to write another piece! I will.

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