I'd be interested in one or more articles pointing us towards those in government, academia or elsewhere who are looking beyond particular conflicts to the larger picture. Something along these lines...

CLAIM: I'm persuaded that a focus on particular conflicts one by one by one as they arrive will ultimately be a path to failure given that it only takes one geopolitical conflict to spin out of control to bring the game to an end. We may very well successfully manage a number of conflicts such as the war in Ukraine, but it's not credible to me that we will successfully manage them all forever.

QUESTION: If the above is true, then somebody should be asking, how do we break out of this pattern of geopolitical conflict? Who thinks and writes about this?

I agree that this question is very ambitious, and that most people will find it unrealistic. Fair enough. But if my claim above contains any truth, then like it or not, answering this question isn't optional.

To provide an example of what what I'm looking for, I'm making an amateur attempt to address this question in the world peace section of my blog. The particular solution I suggest isn't that important. What I'm hoping to convey is the scale of thinking that the 21st century will require.

If we're going to insist on supercharging the modern world with revolutionary new technologies like nuclear weapons, AI, and genetic engineering, bigger and bigger, faster and faster, the way we think has to undergo revolutionary change too.

Yes, we have to defeat Putin. But more importantly we have to escape his 20th century mindset.

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