Hi there McFaul, thanks for the update.

I've subscribed specifically to hear your thoughts on the following questions which have taken over my mind. I hope you might tackle any of the following that you have time for.

1) Ukraine's allies appear to be about 20 times richer than Russia, as measured by GDP. Why doesn't Ukraine have 20 times as many artillery shells (and other equipment) than Russia?

2) The EU appears to be 10 times richer than Russia. Why are they unable to defend Europe's eastern border on their own?

3) Won't our strategy of giving Ukraine just enough to survive, but never enough to win, inevitably lead to defeat? Won't Western voters weary of another "forever war"? If we play Putin's war of attrition game, won't he win?

I love President Biden, and am all for victory in Ukraine, as that's very important.. But I'm starting to lose faith in Ukraine's allies. Can you help me out here?

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I am also interested in the answers to these questions. Thanks for raising them.

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Or, we might try this...

We would consider it absurd that Europe should be held responsible for defending America's southern border.

But we somehow take it to be an obvious given that America should be the crucial player in defending Europe's eastern border. That assumption would be reasonable if Europe was poor and in need of outside assistance. But they aren't poor. They're roughly ten times richer than Russia.

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Thanks for your reply David, much appreciated. I don't have the answers, but am happy to discuss the questions with anyone who is interested. For example...

If we literally can't supply Ukraine with enough artillery to repel the Russians...

How was NATO intending on defending the rest of Europe???

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