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Thanks for the reminder that we all need to step back and look at the big picture. And it's interesting to consider the concept of neutrality in regard to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. You mentioned India, and there's also Switzerland, who's claiming to be neutral but isn't really. The list is long in this regard (if I remember the UN votes or abstentions correctly).

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You are absolutely right!

Many believe that we have nothing to do supporting a distant country in their brutal struggle against communism. Unfortunately, they don’t understand the nature of this system that spreads like untreated cancer. We have to do whatever is needed to avoid it spreading to other countries, and eventually reaching us. If we allow it to grow in a few years we’ll have to pay a much, much higher price to contain it.

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I appreciate the African perspective, and when you break from Cold war ism, North-South ism, you have to go on impulse that Putin is doing in just plain wrong . If you can justify Putin’s actions, it is hopeless to try to communicate with you.

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Thank you for this thought provoking article Michael.

I think you can extend the points on ‘whataboutism’ to the post-war international order more broadly. For all its faults, it is inescapable that the American led order that has been in place for the last 80yrs has led to unprecedented peace and prosperity.

One only has to look at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to see what the alternative would look like. A dog eat dog world where might makes right.

This is why it’s vital that the West helps Ukraine prevail and prevents China from reshaping the international order in its image.

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I would like to know what Mr. McFaul thinks about the US and Germany’s reticency in aiding Ukraine with tanks. The US argues technical reasons of “high specialized maintenance”, and Germany won’t budge until the US leads. If the US sends a symbolic number of tanks wouldn’t that be enough for others to follow, or is there some kind of “agreement” between the US and Russian commanders in order to keep the war under control?

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Freedom to the regions!!!

Russian Union.

In order to help Ukraine, it is necessary to open a second front inside Russia, the front of the struggle for the independence of the regions, for the collapse of the "Evil Empire".

Today, neither the West nor Ukraine knows how to end this war, drive the rashists out of the borders of 1991, it will not give anything, the shelling of Ukraine from the Moscow Federation or Muscovy will continue, then what happens, we must go to Moscow, as the allies in 1945 came to Berlin?

It is necessary for the regions inside Russia to separate from the center, from Moscow and the Kremlin, to take into their own hands the land, mineral resources and all federal property, the property of the oligarchs, since it does not belong to them anyway, but to the junta. Only when all the money ceases to flow and be controlled by the Kremlin, only then will Russia cease to threaten its neighbors, only then will the free regions be able to voluntarily unite in the Russian Union, like the European Union, sign the Charter of Self-Government

Russia is the "Empire of Evil", it is still a prison of peoples and the same Russian, and there will be no more "Beautiful Russia of the future" in this form, in the form of Muscovy.

The regions, in the struggle for independence, can be raised by local elites, let's not confuse with the bureaucracy that is now in power there, and even then half sent from Moscow. Real local elites, opinion leaders are removed from management and decision-making in the regions

Now many of them have left the country, we must collect and unite them. They should be taught to communicate with each other, with neighbors, so that after coming to power, they would be friends and develop each other together, compete with ideas, make the regions attractive for investment and people's lives. The elites must understand the goals and objectives, be on the same wavelength, the wave of democracy and development.

Democracy is about protecting the weak from the strong. The strong do business, unite, get involved in politics, protect their earnings, but who will protect the weak and create conditions for their development? This is the task and the main meaning of democracy.

Democracy is a consensus that allows the strong not to usurp power, but for society to influence the decision of the executive branch

The new elites must develop themselves and the whole society, create equal access to all benefits, must direct all income from the subsoil, land and property of the region for the benefit of all the inhabitants of the region, develop infrastructure, build schools, universities, and so on.

To do this, we all need to prepare an outline for the Constitution of the regions, each will have nuances and highlights of its region, but the basis, principles will be common. In the future, this will allow the regions to voluntarily unite into the Russian Union, similar to the EU, with a single Parliament and governing bodies for the cohabitation of all peoples and regions.

Joining the Russian Union is voluntary with the right to withdraw. Now in the EU all decisions are made unanimously, not by majority, and we should do the same. There should be no special conditions for anyone. It will be a true Confederation, with strong regions and small centers for solving common problems.

This is how Europe was formed. Before the First World War, there were 15 states in Europe, before the Second World War there were already 30, and now there are 60 and only 27 are united in the EU

The unification provides a common labor market, goods and services, open borders between regions, but at the same time there remains individual development and management, competition, entry into the international arena, and attraction of investments.

Each region will impose its own taxes, its own preferences for business, investors will choose the best conditions, the development of the region and the well-being of its citizens will depend on this.

All authorities (administration, police, judges) in the regions are elected, on the basis of competition, on the basis of ideas and opinions

The main ideas of the movement for the independence of the regions:

- Freedom to regions and peoples!!!

- Democracy!!!

Glory to Ukraine!!!

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