It's nice to read a nuanced and detailed perspective on this, thank you. All I keep seeing are articles saying that after this event, US influence in the Middle East is done, forever, end of story, goodnight. And I appreciate the broader historical context to US decisions and their consequences. Any chance the two authors could write up a similar summary in an op-ed in a widely read newspaper or two (to help squash all of the doomsday articles I mentioned above)?

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I think the point about selectively containing China is an important one.

Containment as practiced during the Cold War is not possible, not least because of the economic interdependence that exists between America and China.

However, areas, such as microchip production and military expansion in the Pacific, are definitely worth trying to contain the Chinese on.

In essence the US will need to pick its battles (wisely).

Re democracy/autocracy, I broadly agree with this point, however, I would add a level of nuance. Some autocracies are worse than others. For instance, it would be self defeating for the US not to nurture ties with countries like Vietnam where interests are otherwise aligned.

There is a risk by being too ‘pure’ the US alienates potential allies thus undermining efforts to maintain the rules based order.

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Is the full article pay-walled? can't see it through McFaul World

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