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My 2 Favorite Books of 2023

Podcast: How Did We Get Here? A Conversation on the Crisis in the Middle East

Congress Made a Mistake in Not Approving New Aid to Ukraine This Year

McFaul's November 2023 Newsletter

C’mon Senators, pass the bill and help Ukraine before Christmas!

Should We Seize Russian Funds to Pay for the War in Ukraine?

It’s Time for Congress to Vote for New Aid to Ukraine

The 2023 APEC Summit – Good for Multilateralism, America, Biden, and San Francisco (and Stanford)!

McFaul's October 2023 Newsletter

Why We Should Care about Ukraine ... in 8 Minutes

The Strategic Significance of a Single Vote on Aid to Israel and Ukraine

In The Atlantic: We're Lucky Biden's in Charge

Podcast: On the Ground in Ukraine

ICYMI: Terrorism Is Terrorism

U.S. Congress Must Renew Military Aid to Ukraine

A Trip Report from Ukraine

See you in a few weeks!

The Complex Implications of Prigozhin’s Assassination

McFaul's July 2023 Newsletter

Calling for “Give Peace a Chance” without a Strategy to Convince Putin To End His Invasion of Ukraine Is not Realism.

Navalny Is a Political Prisoner, Trump is Not

The Negative Consequences of Track 1.5 Diplomacy to End the War in Ukraine

Reconciling Our Rhetoric and Our Actions on Democracy Promotion

Next Steps for Bringing Ukraine into NATO: Win the War, Meet the Conditions

McFaul's June 2023 Newsletter

Ukraine Must (Eventually) Be a Member of NATO

How Prigozhin's Rebellion Impacts Putin’s Grip on Power

Lessons from the Mutiny in Russia for the War in Ukraine

The U.S. needs to launch a diplomatic surge on Ukraine

“Improved Relations” with China (or any other country) Should Never Be the Goal of Diplomacy

Syllabus for My Course on Great Power Relations in the 21st Century

Context for the Guessing Game about the Ukrainian Counteroffensive.

McFaul's May 2023 Newsletter

Bravo President Biden and other G7 Leaders for Implementing More Sanctions against Russia Last Week!

The Long-Term Significance of Sending F-16s to Ukraine

My Tallinn Diary: The Importance of Allies

McFaul's April 2023 Newsletter

Why I Am Not Celebrating “Victory Day” Today

Why I'm not buying Russia's claims of an assassination attempt on Putin

New Ideas for Strengthening Sanctions against the Russian Federation to Help End Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

The Tragic and Pathetic Evolution of Sergey Lavrov

Documents Stamped “Top Secret” Are Not Always Accurate

Transfer the Seized Assets of the Russian Central Bank to Ukraine Now!

McFaul's March 2023 Newsletter

Putin’s Arrest of Gershkovich Will Deter Foreign Journalists from Working in Russia.

Are Putin and Xi as Close as Everyone Assumes?

“Deliverables” vs Nice Words: Reflections on the Xi-Putin Summit

Действительно ли я “подстекатель войны”?

Are All Russians Guilty for Russia's War in Ukraine?

What a Year of Putin's War Looks Like in Kyiv

How China’s Saudi-Iran Deal Can Serve U.S. Interests

Inspired by Georgians, Back on the Streets Demanding Democracy

McFaul's February 2023 Newsletter

The Guessing Game about What Putin Will Do If He Begins to Lose Even More Badly in Ukraine

Putin's Damage to Russia

Why Americans Should Care about Helping Ukraine Win

My Munich Diary: “As Long As It Takes” Is Both Comforting and Unnerving

Biden Needs to “Finish the Job” in Ukraine

Confidence — A Vital Ingredient for Winning Our Competition with China

Preparing for Peace in Ukraine

McFaul's January 2023 Newsletter

One Year of War in Ukraine: My Take

Biden’s Impressive Success on Ukraine (So Far)

How to Get a Breakthrough in Ukraine

Great Power Competition in the 21st Century (Table of Contents)

The United States Is an Ideological Power, China Is Too

The beginning of the end of Putinism?

Progressive, Anti-Imperialist Democrats of the World, Unite!

Celebrating Martin Luther King Day in Russia

Ask Me Anything Session

Can You Be a Social Scientist and a Policy Advocate at the Same Time?

No, the devil you know – Putin – is not better than the devil you don’t

COVID blues

2022 Was the Year of Victory for Ukraine and Defeat for Russia