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McFaul's May and June 2024 Newsletter

This NATO Summit Is a Big Win for Biden

The Paramount Importance of Allies

Biden’s Excellent Week of International Leadership

The G-7 Must Strengthen Bans on Technology Exports to Russia

Biden Should Stop by the Ukraine Peace Conference

Biden Needs Ukraine to Start Winning Again

The Need for New and Better Sanctions Against Russia

Help Georgian Democrats Now, Before It Is Too Late

Diary of a Professor Working and Living on a College Campus Right Now

McFaul's March and April 2024 Newsletter

Through Engagement, Americans Must Keep Learning about China and the Chinese Must Keep Learning about America

Congress must let Ukraine win!

Speaker Johnson Must Allow a Vote on a Standalone Ukraine Bill Now

Why NATO Is More Than Democracy’s Best Defense

NEW BOOK: War in Ukraine: Conflict, Strategy, and the Return of a Fractured World

Imagining a Russia without Putin

Crimean Tatars Are Forgotten Innocent Victims of Russia’s War.

Reflecting on the Oscars

McFaul's February 2024 Newsletter

Interview: The Future of Russia

Podcast: The War in Ukraine at Two Years

A Win-Win-Win for Speaker Johnson, Ukraine, and Navalny Supporters

Goodbye to my fearless friend, Alexei Navalny

Putin Killed Navalny

McFaul's January 2024 Newsletter

Trump Does not Understand or Value NATO and That’s Very Dangerous

It’s Time for an Up or Down Vote on New Aid to Ukraine

Underestimating the Russian Threat to Europe

The Collateral Damage to America’s Reputation from Not Approving New Aid to Ukraine

McFaul’s World – 2023 Year in Review